Video messages for birthday's, special occasions or just a special treat!

Choose from a variety of Characters or Princesses to record a personalised video for your child/children. Please give as much notice as possible so I can make it as perfect as can be. Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak a lot of parties have been prosponed leaving the children disapointed but fear not there is still one last option to see and hear from their favourite character/princess. Not only is this helpful to you but its just a little support for my business which I have been growing for over 5 years now. These hard times have us small businesses worried. 


Another option is a video phone call. 


I will also be doing as many live character videos on my Facebook page too so children can indeed be distracted and still see their favourite Princesses/ characters tune in when you can!

Easter Video

Price: 12.00 GBP
A personalised video message from The Easter Bunny (male or female) Wishing your children a Happy Easter and giving them a lovely message to raise some smiles on this very different Easter we will be having. We want to keep the magic of Easter alive and we hope this helps. Princesses can also do these video messages.

Character Video messages

Price: 12.00 GBP
A personalised video message for your child/children. Great for birthdays, special occasions or a cheer up treat! Due to the coronavirus outbreak this is a fantastic alternative that will help us all. A donation of £12 will go towards the loses of this very hard time we are all facing. I hope this will help raise a few smiles too! Videos can be sent to Facebook, messenger or whatsapp